Pressure Pulsation Test System


  • High dynamic features
  • Test pressure range -0.8 to +3.5 bars
  • fully air-conditioned test chamber


The pressure pulsation test bench allows pressure alternation to be performed in the overpressureoverpressure, overpressurevacuum and vacuumvacuum range. The alternating pressure hysteresis is variably adjustable and can take place under a variety of climate conditions. Test temperatures of -72°C to +180°C and an adjustable air humidity up to 98% can be set in the climatic chamber, which also serves as a test chamber. Three test connections are located on each side in the test chamber and can be individually shut off via separate valves. An automated leak test can detect a leak in each individual test piece every X cycles and exclude them from the test circuit.


The centrally placed climatic chamber constitutes the central points of the machine. On the left side of the machine are the overpressure components, consisting of an adsorption dryer with a compressed air tank and two overpressure accumulators for test pressure generation. On the left side of the machine are the vacuum components. Vacuum pump, vacuum reservoir and two underpressure tanks. Also located on the right side are the machine controls with a 19″ touch screen, alternatively with a keyboard and a mouse.

For transport, the machine basically consists of six modules which can be joined into a single unit at the installation site. Pressure and utility lines are equipped with quick connectors on the modules for easy disassembly.

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