Absolute customer-centricity enables us to offer unique H2 system architectures from a single source. In doing so, we lay out all the key components for transferring the hydrogen from the tank to the fuel cell or hydrogen combustion engine ourselves.


TOPAQ offers one flexible solution for diverse hydrogen applications. For example, the modular design of the hydrogen supply system can be used in the on- and off-road area, in industry or for hydrogen storage (MEGC).

Optimal Solutions
by combining Expertise

We aim to remove your challenges. We achieve this by bringing together the diverse development and manufacturing expertise found at our locations. For example, our in-house test bench production enables the continuous evaluation of H2 components in development and production. This allows us to shorten development cycles and avoid risks. With our expertise, we offer you fundamentally safe development.

Material Expertise to save Weight and Costs

A wide range of components within the H2 propulsion system must have special properties and resistance to corrosion.

Our specially developed material, PPH2, is suitable for the production of H2 components and is approved for use in hydrogen applications within the scope of EU Regulation (EC) No.79/2009.

PPH2 enables the manufacturing of thinner-walled high pressure lines, therefore contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and saving materials (costs) and weight.

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