Innovations from outside and inside

Ideas change our world. The goal of Poppe + Potthoff is to take responsibility for our future with innovations. Impulses that can be brought in from outside and inside play an important role here. Our Innovation Lab, which consists of a heterogeneous group of employees from various functional areas, is a central contact for any kind of ideas.

The impulses brought in are examined in the Innovation Lab for their technical and economic feasibility and further developed into a product or application idea. This procedure makes it possible to coordinate developments, create synergies within the group and jointly make expertise accessible. For this reason, the Innovation Lab sees itself as a “tool” to make Poppe + Potthoff future-proof by allowing innovative solutions and ideas to be developed through an open-ended exchange.

In order not to lose touch with the latest developments in an ever faster and data-driven world, it is important to develop the market creatively. The Innovation Lab is not limited to the development of new product groups, such as in the area of hydrogen: Topics such as digitalization or the transformation of Poppe + Potthoff into an agile and data-driven company are also implemented here.

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