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Werther, 15.06.2021
Poppe + Potthoff presents zero-emission portfolio at trade fair in China

Alternative drive technologies bring new opportunities and challenges for energy supply and transmission. Poppe + Potthoff’s goal is to become a development partner and supplier of H2 supply systems and key components for e-mobility, thereby supporting its customers in achieving their CO2 targets. In May, Markus Kerkhoff presented the company’s portfolio and developments in the field of alternative technologies at the 11th International China New Energy Vehicle Forum in Shanghai.

The core of the presentation was how Poppe + Potthoff is constantly transferring its more than 90 years of expertise in the field of fluid management to new areas such as zero-emission technologies. In this way, the first components for use in hydrogen applications were developed as early as 2013, thus making an early contribution to zero-emission mobility and industry. Poppe + Potthoff is continuously expanding its portfolio in the H2 sector in order to be able to develop H2 distribution systems as a partner to its customers that can be adapted to their requirements.

In addition to hydrogen applications, the field of e-mobility represents an important building block in the development of new products within the P+P Group. Rotor shafts from the company Walter Henrich were also shown during the presentation. With its products, this member of the P+P Group supplies high-precision components for use in e-mobility. One focus of the presentation was the newly developed speedFORMING process. In addition to the achievable variable wall thicknesses in tube forming, this process not only offers a purely weight-optimised lightweight solution, but also makes it possible to partially map different strength levels. In this way, application-optimised components can be generated for the respective load case.

In its commitment to the field of alternative technologies, Poppe + Potthoff not only has the field of mobility in mind. Hydrogen can also be used in other industries, such as steel production, to enable an emission-free future. Thereby, P+P consistently strengthens its expertise for the further development of its own product portfolio and a constant reduction of the associated production costs.

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