Tubes for injection lines

Diesel injection systems, hydraulic aggregates, testing stations, injection lines from Poppe + Potthoff, made from carbon steel in accordance with ISO 8535-1 are particularly safe for use with high-pressures. A specially-developed manufacturing procedure ensures a virtually faultless inner surface.

An overview of our injection lines can be found by clicking on the “Materials” link; the material PP 600 and the specification PPSH are registered trademarks of the Poppe + Potthoff Präzisionstahlrohre GmbH.

Quality assurance:

Our quality control tests include dimensional checks, mechanical properties, tensile tests, metallography tests, positive material identification (PMI) as well as ultrasonic and eddy-current test. Additional tests available upon request.

Labelling as per VDA standard. Packaging as per agreement, e.g. synthetic plug sealed, bundled and in boxes.

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