Coiled tubes

Meter for meter, consistently high surface quality and uniform tolerances – Coiled tubes by Poppe + Potthoff are the product of experienced know-how, from material forming to heat treatment.

Ring tubes offer an appealing alternative to straight lengths by minimizing set-up and processing time during manufacturing. Working material selection and mechanical properties are ideal for the production of:

  • High-pressure lines
  • Hollow riveting
  • Tubes for liquid and gaseous media

Uniform surfaces and tolerances are maintained over the total ring length.

Quality assurance:

Poppe + Potthoff uses eddy-current and impermeability testing equipment as well as a wide range of material testing equipment.


The Poppe + Potthoff rings are packaged in cartons made of waterproof, coated, multi-layer corrugated cardboard placed on wooden pallets. This packaging has been proven extremely durable, including for international transport. Wooden crate packaging is also available upon request.


We generally deliver Poppe + Potthoff ring tubes in all configurations with an outer diameter tolerance of +/- 0.08 mm. In a range of up to 10 mm outer diameter we can limit the tolerance of up to +/- 0.05 mm, the wall thickness tolerance amounts to +/- 7.5%.

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