Common rail subsystems for passenger cars

Poppe + Potthoff supply the automobile industry with high-quality common rail subsystems and high-pressure injection lines for diesel engines developed in-house. In the sector of electronically controlled high-pressure diesel injection systems (Common Rail) Poppe + Potthoff is system supplier for renowned automobile manufacturers. System components for common rail distributor lines and injection lines are designed jointly.

The latest development is the Poppe + Potthoff SLIM Rail, which has a square design. It enables a weight saving of up to more than 40% in comparison to many common solutions. It can therefore clearly contribute towards weight saving in the engine compartment.

The product concept is based on decades of experience in the development and production of high-pressure tubes and injection lines for diesel engines. Poppe + Potthoff guarantees the continuous development of common rail solutions to meet pressure requirements for years to come. The current Poppe + Potthoff design offers flexibility, brief development periods and minimal costs.


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