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Werther, 24.02.2022
Poppe + Potthoff is a member of the Allianz Wasserstoffmotor e.V.

The importance of emission-free technologies is steadily increasing across all industries. It is Poppe + Potthoff’s goal to drive this technology change. In doing so, the expertise we have grown in metal processing and fluid management enables us to support our customers as an integrated development partner and supplier of H₂ supply systems in achieving their CO₂ targets. As a further sign of this commitment to the field of alternative drive technologies, Poppe + Potthoff has joined the Allianz Wasserstoffmotor e.V.

Founded in 2021, the alliance brings together automotive entrepreneurs, suppliers and research institutes in a network. The alliance represents the approach of the hydrogen engine as an additional solution within the framework of a technology-open mobility development. The common conviction of the members is that the hydrogen engine can make a significant contribution in the design of a climate-neutral and competitive mobility solution for the transport, heavy-duty and work machinery sectors. For this reason, the aim is to inform and educate about the technology.

All members of the alliance are united by a technology-open approach. Since openness to technology is also deeply rooted in the “P+P DNA”, commitment is a matter of course for Poppe + Potthoff. In addition to its membership in the Allianz Wasserstoffmotor e.V., Poppe + Potthoff is already a member of Hydrogen Europe and the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. The aim of the three alliances is to advocate hydrogen engine and fuel cell technology as the energy carrier of the 21st century as well as a sustainable energy economy.

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