Common Rail for gas, bio-gas and hydrogen

Gaseous fuels are an environment-friendly and also competitively priced alternative to conventional diesel or petrol. Especially fleet operators and manufacturers of utility vehicles are increasingly using the technology both for developing new systems as well as for retro-fitting existing common rail engines.

Poppe + Potthoff has been developing Common Rail Subsystems since the 1990ies.This long-standing experience pays off: Studies show that the materials and designs used for these systems are also perfectly suited for gas applications. Even when using highly volatile hydrogen and after being reassembled 25 times, the high precision interfaces remain safely sealed.

For customers in North America and Europe, Poppe + Potthoff is supplying common rails and pipes that are validated for gas pressures from 300 to 700 bar. All prototypes undergo extensive tests at the Technology Centre in Werther and the data is forwarded to customers for evaluation. The state-of-the-art production plant in Ajka, Hungary enables efficient serial production.

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