Changes within the P+P group

Werther, 01.12.2021
Bonneville and Scionzier locations to be merged into Poppe + Potthoff France

As of 1 December 2021, the two French locations in the P+P Group, P+P Bonneville and P+P Scionzier, will be merged and will operate as a single company Poppe + Potthoff France in the future. The purpose of the merger is to improve coordination with clients and increase efficiency by standardising processes.

As part of this process, both sites, which are only 12km apart, will be retained, so that individual development and production steps will be divided between the two in future: The Scionzier site will focus on production and administrative processes in the future, while the Bonneville site will handle testing, packaging and shipping operations.

One goal of the merger is to gain performance and efficiency in handling customer orders by simplifying and standardising development and production processes. Through the optimised use of internal resources, an even faster response to diverse customer requirements and thus added value for the company’s customers will be achieved in the future. Another advantage resulting from the merger into a single company is improved coordination with customers. In future, these will be able to communicate with a superior single contact person for both locations, which will simplify the coordination of enquiries and orders. In this way, Poppe + Potthoff France can reliably meet its goal of a customer-centric way of working.

In the months leading up to the merger, P+P Group had already begun an extensive modernisation programme for both locations, which is currently in full swing. This will ensure that the new company will continue to meet the specific requirements of its clients to the full extent. In addition to measures to strengthen the economic efficiency of both sites, a general overhaul of the exhaust gas and oil processing plants, for example, is also intended to achieve an even more environmentally friendly mode of operation.

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