Poppe + Potthoff is investing in the tube mill

Werther (Germany), May 14, 2020
Flexibility is a great strength – in times of crisis and when business picks up again

The current corona crisis has upset many processes in the economy. Global supply chains are interrupted, demands are shifting, the predictability is diminishing. “The situation requires nerves of steel. But whoever has those will see opportunities that should be seized,” says Dr. Christian Kronholz, site manager at P+P Precision Steel Tubes in Werther.

The company is used to fluctuating demand. The important customer sectors of the automotive industry and mechanical engineering are closely interwoven. “Precision and quality in customer-specific production are just as important as flexibility. This is virtually built into our genes since Hermann Potthoff founded the company in 1928,” explains Kronholz. The company therefore intends to further develop these strengths.

Substantial investments are being made in the tube mill: A new pointing hammer will be used in the future to process tubes with an even greater variety of dimensions and wall thicknesses than has been possible up to now. In addition, the crane system inside the factory building will be renewed. This will make the transport of the tubes safer and easier. By the end of the summer break, the company wants to make a fresh start with increased flexibility and productivity.

In the field of Industry 4.0, a further project has been launched in which the tube drawing process is simulated in detail. “This allows tubes with complex inner and outer profiles to be produced in a shorter development time,” explains Dr. Kronholz. The demand in this segment is growing rapidly. This is also demonstrated by a new major order that P+P recently won. The supply contract runs for 5 years – an important bright spot that points to the future.

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