TOPAQ: Smart and modular hydrogen supply systems

Werther, 27.11.2023
Poppe + Potthoff unveils new brand name for its solutions for hydrogen applications

The reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions has become increasingly important for companies across various industries, particularly in the automotive and industrial sector. The urgency of the issue for companies also stems from their need to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Hydrogen is becoming increasingly important in the transition to a sustainable energy future and the H2 market is developing at a rapid pace. With decades of experience in fluid management, Poppe + Potthoff offers the development and manufacture of innovative hydrogen supply systems from a single source. To emphasize the special significance of this system solution, Poppe + Potthoff presented its new brand name at the European Hydrogen Week in Brussels: TOPAQ.

Innovative strength from grown expertise

Founded in 1928 in Werther, Germany, Poppe + Potthoff initially specialized in the production of precision steel tubes. Its heritage of precision and customer centricity laid the foundation for Poppe + Potthoff’s entrance into the hydrogen market: With the combined expertise of 1600 employees, Poppe + Potthoff has been able to establish itself as a technology leader in the development of media-carrying components in the diesel sector. Through the transfer of its grown expertise, P+P now offers its customers a modular system solution for the safe and efficient routing of hydrogen from the tank to the fuel cell or hydrogen combustion engine.

TOPAQ hydrogen supply systems from a single source

Using a holistic approach, Poppe + Potthoff designs and manufactures all the core components of its TOPAQ hydrogen supply systems in-house. These include On Tank Valves (OTV), H2 pipes, Parallel Charging Units (PCU), High Pressure Regulation Units (HPRU), and Thermal Pressure Relief Devices (TPRD). When designing its systems, Poppe + Potthoff remains true to its principle of customer centricity and develops each of its systems precisely for the customers respective requirements. P+P thus offers modular and application-optimized TOPAQ system architectures – for use in both mobile and industrial sectors. Possible areas of use are for example in on- or off-road vehicles, in industrial applications or in H2 storage. When used in multi-element gas containers (MEGC), TOPAQ can play an important role in the creation of a global H2 infrastructure.

Smart systems offer a wide range of possibilities

Thanks to its modular design, TOPAQ offers benefits that go beyond the mere product level. The integration of sensors into the components allows for creating a smart hydrogen supply system. By analyzing read-out data, system architectures and the safety of hydrogen applications can be continuously optimized, for example by detecting pressure losses or leaks. Furthermore, the evaluation of data also enables various digital business models.

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