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Werther, 13.02.2023
The German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association’s Vorstands-Talk series welcomes Markus Kerkhoff as an interview guest

What is the future of hydrogen mobility in the period to 2030 and what is required to drive forward its positive development? Markus Kerkhoff, CEO of Poppe + Potthoff GmbH, discussed this and other topics at the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association’s (DWV) Vorstands-Talk discussion in January. During his conversation with Werner Diwald, Markus Kerkhoff also discussed what role P+P modular hydrogen systems can play in climate-friendly mobility and industry.

Vorstands-Talk is a monthly, digital series of discussions. Each month a member of the association is invited to answer questions on hydrogen-related scientific, political, and economic issues. Poppe + Potthoff, a member of the association for a number of years now, was chosen to be the interviewee at the first 2023 Vorstands-Talk discussion. One of its key focusses was Poppe + Potthoff’s transformation into a development partner for future-oriented technologies – for example hydrogen applications or electromobility. Markus Kerkhoff outlined how Poppe + Potthoff made a conscious strategic decision several years ago to develop system-relevant components for hydrogen systems. The company is, however, open to all technologies, making Poppe + Potthoff system solutions just as compatible with fuel cells as with hydrogen motors.

A key factor when developing hydrogen components is ensuring that they focus on the challenges encountered in each specific application. This concentration on specific customer requirements makes it possible to implement unique technical features in the products and thus develop customized solutions for every challenge. To become a development partner for its customers, Poppe + Potthoff has invested heavily in expanding its H2 competence. Consequently, Markus Kerkhoff emphasized the importance of clarifying with German political institutions when the company could expect a return on these investments. This is a critical issue, particularly for innovative businesses in the German medium-sized company segment.

When asked for his opinion on how hydrogen mobility would develop by 2030, Markus Kerkhoff was optimistic. At the same time he also made clear demands, saying “Mobility cannot function without infrastructure. So our first step must be to create that infrastructure.” New laws to accelerate procedures, as recently passed for the LNG segment, are also an important requirement. The goal must be to speed up the expansion of H2 infrastructure, thus creating purchase incentives for end users.

DWV Vorstands-Talk 01/2023 – Markus Kerkhoff, CEO von Poppe + Potthoff GmbH – YouTube

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