Capillary tubes

Capillary tubes from Poppe + Potthoff are characterized by their immaculate inner surface, which is always free of grease, oil or particles. The tightest tolerances ensure the uniform flow of media in systems with and without compensation, for example between sensor and control instruments used in automated process measuring and control technology.

Poppe + Potthoff Capillary tubes:

Inner diameter maximum 0.4 mm – Used in measured value transmission or as line for liquid or gaseous media.

Length: In rings from 40 to 350 m, depending on size and configuration.
Tolerances: Outer diameter +/- 0.05mm; inner diameter 0.05/-0 mm.
Material: Red/2
Delivery state: +A
OD (outer diameter): 1.27 to 4.00 mm
ID (inner diameter): 0.08 to 0.40 mm

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