Leak Test Stands for Fittings

With the Poppe + Potthoff tightness test stands, automotive components, fittings, castings and many other components and assemblies can be tested for tightness. Depending on the test requirements, this system is designed with vacuum unit, low pressure or high pressure module for tightness and leakage tests.

The system allows pressure testing on different components up to a max. pressure of 1,000 bar. The respective pressure points are approached with a pressure booster and held for the programmed time. In addition, the system allows applying. a pulse pressure to the specimen. The tests can be carried out and displayed both as trapezoid and sinusoidal curve.


  • Pressure generation 10 to 1,000 bar pressure booster
  • Fine control method 0 to 50 bar
  • Alternating pressure test up to 1,000 bar
  • Parameter setting individual
  • Datenvisualisierung mit Labview

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