Test and Sorting System with a Palletizing System


The test stand measures the drill holes and external contours by means of camera systems.

Twenty trays can be inserted manually into the palletising system. Robot 1 removes the trays and charges the rotary table with the test specimens. Robot 2 removes the specimen from the rotary table and places it into the tightness test station. Robot 3 removes the test specimen from the tightness test station and places the o.k. specimen in the tray. This is transported automatically to the second palletising system for output. Reject parts are removed automatically via the robots.


Length: 3000 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 2250 mm
Mass: 3500 kg
Control: S7-315 Profibus
Robot: Kuka KR5
Rotary table: TC 2205 from Weiss
Cameras: 3
Tightness test: ATEQ
Palette storage: 2 items at 20 palettes

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