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Welcome to P&P Green Motion – Pioneering modern fuel supply solutions for automotive, heavy duty, and industrial applications.

P+P offers sustainable mobility concepts with its comprehensive product portfolio. All of our system solutions are adaptable to our customer needs.

Poppe + Potthoff’s Green Motion offerings in The Americas includes: TOPAQ Modular Hydrogen Supply Systems (from On Tank Valves (OTV) to High Pressure Regulation Units (HPRU) and H2-Pipes with Connectors) as well as Complete Smart Supply Solution for Industrial, On and Off-Road or stationary Applications.

Hydrogen – Poppe + Potthoff (poppe-potthoff.com) (TOPAQ Hydrogen Supply Systems)
Tube Components – Poppe + Potthoff (poppe-potthoff.com) (Tube Components for E-mobility)
Test Stands – Poppe + Potthoff (poppe-potthoff.com) (Test Stands for E-mobility)

P&P Green Motion LLC is based strategically in the US Midwest. As part of the Poppe + Potthoff Group our customers benefit from a global presence. Founded 1928 in Werther, Germany, our innovation and engineering team are able to provide customers with customizable solutions. Our fast-paced prototype workshop can supply prototypes and pre-series volumes, while our large-scale plants are able to serve higher volumes. As an experienced supplier for various industries, our group combines material and design expertise of 600+ Mio. delivered parts to conceptualize your specific system architectures for a fast and safe go-to-market.
Based on our material expertise, we can offer PPH2 as an alternative material for the production of thin-walled H2 components. PPH2 was successfully tested according to DIN EN ISO 11114 and ANSI/CSA CHMC 1-2014 and is approved for use in hydrogen applications under EU Regulation (EC) No. 79/2009.
Please contact Steve Cliff and Bjoern Goeke to explore how P&P Green Motion can help you.

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