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High Pressure Tubes Cars

Injection lines for passenger cars for high performance engines

Poppe + Potthoff has been manufacturing diesel injection lines for high-performance engines for more than 40 years. Right from the start, the company met each technological challenge and accompanied milestones of diesel engine development. For example, Poppe + Potthoff, proceeding from the self-created high-strength tubes, developed the corresponding interfaces for the connection of rail and lines and has been a leader in equipping renowned OEMs of the automobile industry since.    

Higher emission goals require more economical diesel engines.

This is achieved by a continuously more optimised design of the combustion process, which itself requires far higher pressures in the common rail system. Poppe + Potthoff has developed solutions which satisfy even the highest pressure demands. And this with retention of weight specifications. Our strength lies in the high pressure range. We develop, validate and produce diesel injection lines, which withstand pressures of more than 3.000 bar.





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Senior Key Account Manager Common Rail Components
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Dennis Krause

Sales High-Pressure Tubes
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