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When the family enterprise Poppe + Potthoff was established as tube-rolling mill more than 90 years ago, Hermann Potthoff established the following guiding principle: Quality is at the centre of our efforts!

The special significance of this quote only becomes clear in light of the company concept which was unique at the time. Deviating from the common practice of established competitors at the time, Poppe + Potthoff started its life as contract manufacturer who also manufactured tubes in small lots according to customers’ special requirements.

The idea that quality means nothing other than fulfilling the technical needs of a customer precisely and reliably, is therefore inherent in the Poppe + Potthoff genes. Today we implement this principle in a broad range of products, which includes Common Rail components, high-precision turned parts all the way to the original precision steel tube.  

This claim can only be fulfilled with the best and most committed employees. The tradition of the family enterprise in a modern interpretation is therefore important for our success. It stands for long-term orientation, leadership through trust, decisiveness and reliability, however not for patriarchal structures.