Compressed Air Booster

Our compressed air amplifier stations are used where the existing compressed air supply is no longer sufficient when there is a higher pressure requirement for special tools or units – such as air-operated power wrenches, nailers, tyre inflation systems and similar. A PPM compressed air amplifier station can be integrated in the existing compressed air network at any desired position by way of commercial hose couplings or, e.g. during assembly work connected directly to a mobile compressor. The pressure booster works pneumatically: it is driven exclusively by the existing compressed air and compresses at a transmission ratio of 1:2. This makes it possible to increase a classic compressed air system from e.g. 6 bar selectively to 12 bar. The volume requirement of a PPM compressed air amplifier station is dependent on the required output (volume flow rate) .

Compressed air amplifier stations up to 400 bar for different media


  • Infinitely variable pressure increase for individual end consumers
  • Pneumatic operation: no electrical connection necessary
  • No energy consumption after reaching final pressure
  • For static and dynamic pressure applications
  • Optionally deliverable with a filter-dryer unit
  • Optionally deliverable with a sound hood
  • Optionally deliverable as mobile version


for PPM/DNV/ST/20/16 and PPM/DNV/ST/40/16

Representations with dimensional data available upon request.

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