High-Pressure Impulse Test Stands with up to 6,000 bar


The impulse pressure is generated by a pressure booster with hydraulic drive. A hydraulic unit generates a constant hydraulic pressure of 350 bar. This pressure drives the pressure booster via a regulating valve. The pressure booster has a constant pressure transmission ratio and generates the high pressure through its linear movements. A highly dynamic servo control valve is used as regulating valve, which enables very high test frequencies with precise repeat accuracy. The test pressure progression is measured and stored with a pressure transducer.

These data sets allow a later assessment of the test quality. Pressure control of the system works in the same way via this pressure transducer. Hydraulic oil is used as test medium. An optimally coordinated cooling system keeps the temperature at the pressure transducer and in the hydraulics in balance. The test progress is visualised via a PC.

Operation is menu-driven and allows special software configurations. The system runs self-monitored. Possible errors are displayed on the monitor and lead to switch-off of the system. Specimen failure is detected via an oil mist sensor. If there is an automatic switch-off, a message may be sent to a mobile phone. All test-relevant data are retained during such an action and are stored automatically.


  • Pressure booster for feeding
  • Temperature controlled head cooling
  • Easy access to pressure booster
  • Convertible to different pressure ranges
    (600 bar, 1,500 bar, 3,000 bar, 4,500 bar, 6,000 bar)
  • Digital communication within the system
  • Camera monitoring of the specimen and lines
  • Labview application self-expandable
  • Separate controller parameters for each part of the load spectrum
  • Separate recording of statistical data of the upper and lower actual value


Impulse pressure: depending on high-pressure head: 600 bar, 1,500 bar, 3,000 bar, 4,500 bar, 6,000 bar
Max. Test frequency: 30 Hz (dependant on test volume)
Impulse form: Sinus
Test Medium: Renolin
Impulse displacement volume: approx. 11 cm (cubed)
Software: G (Labview National Insturments)
Test chamber (LxWxH): 900 x 900 x 900 mm
Hydraulics supply: 1.000 l
Max. noise level: 75 dBA
Electrical supply line: 130 kW
Width: 2,500 mmm
Height: 2,200 mm
Depth: 4,100 mm

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