Impulse Test Stand for Automotive Applications

For impulse testing and subsequent long-term pressure and burst tests, the system offers two chambers in which up to ten test specimens can be tested simultaneously at an ambient temperatures of -60 degrees C up to 180 degrees C or indoor climate. The medium – 100 % Glycol or various oils – is added at a temperature ranging from ambient temperature up to +160 degrees C via separate control circuits. This allows tests at very high temperature differences, which are rare in reality even during endurance tests on the race track at the Nürburgring, in the Siberian Tundra or in the deserts of African.

Various servo-hydraulic pressure boosters, which are optimally designed for each test sector, enable very precise control of the pressure. Impulse pressure tests can be conducted with a frequency of 0 -10 Hz (usual are 0.5 -2.5 Hz) with a trapezoid curve with 4-25 bar and 0-160 bar, and with a sine curve with a frequency of 0-10 Hz pressures of 0-6 bar are possible. The maximum burst pressure is 500 bar. The measuring data recording and visualisation is conducted with LabVIEW applications from National Instruments. All test procedures and data are stored automatically on the system and can be exported to the network for evaluation.

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