Burst Pressure Test Stands for Plastic Components

The test stand is an autarchic-working system. It has been specially developed for the plastics industry. The test specimens can be adapted in an uncomplicated manner via quick-couplings. A quick-change device is also possible so that the specimen can be installed manually outside of the test chamber.

Two test circuits with different working methods are available for the burst test. Due to the wear-free fine control method a very precise pressure rise up to 50 bar is possible. A pneumatically driven pressure booster works in the other test circuit, which can be used to generate a pressure of up to 400 bar. Normal mains supply water or test oil can be used as test medium. The test stand can also be fitted with a hand scanner to identify the components, so that the burst pressures can be assigned to each component. The system is controlled via PLC with serial interface for data exchange. The test requirements are input via a touch panel.

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