Poppe + Potthoff GmbH

The prominent bright, white and silver headquarters of the Holding with the affiliated Technology Center in Werther are control centre, management node and think tank of the technology leader all at the same time. All enterprises of the Group benefit from the intensive product innovations which are advanced consistently in the Technology Center.

Proceeding from the customer’s requirements, the Engineering Team prepares design drawings and models and validates these. The manufacturing processes in the “State-of- the-art” prototype construction are congruent with those which are mastered and continuously developed in large-scale in our production locations. Prototyping and industrialisation run hand in hand.

This combination of engineering with associated prototype construction enables us to expedite new developments for our customers promptly and to deliver near-series prototypes to our customers often within a few days. This leads to a considerable reduction of development and validation times at customer’s premises. This creates perfection at maximum speed.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (PDF)

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