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Issue October 2016

Poppe + Potthoff Präzisionsstahlrohre
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This is how the self-learning leveling machine works: The tube is continuously measured. Based on the data acquired, the machine automatically readjusts, if necessary – achieving a straightness of 0.5:1000mm and better.

Straightforward: Self-learning leveling machine

Again, Poppe + Potthoff Präzisionsstahlrohre GmbH has qualified for a funded research project together with the Fraunhofer IEM within the framework of the leading-edge cluster it’s OWL. The project is titled iEPQ; intelligent set-up, production and quality management process for the straightening of precision steel tubes.

Thereby, the development and operation of an online straightness measuring system is in focus. On its basis, data mining analysis and modeling of process control rules will allow for setting up a learning and self-optimizing leveling machine. As a result, straightness values with a tolerance of less than 0.5:1000mm tube length will be realizable.

This way, Poppe + Potthoff Präzisionsstahlrohre GmbH is setting new quality standards for its seamless and welded re-drawn precision steel tubes, underlining the ambition of quality leadership and meeting ever increasing product requirements from our customers.

The continuous optimization of our production processes with the combined focus on gaining process and material knowledge the same as specific adjustment of product properties – besides the tube straightness, the yield strength and residual stress are influenced by the straightening process as well – characterizes our way towards a smart factory.

Bengt-Henning Maas, CEO of the steel tube factory shows what really counts at Poppe + Potthoff: absolute precision.

The policy of precision

Rainer Schmeltzer, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Minister of Employment came to visit Poppe + Potthoff on July 27. At the invitation of Georg Fortmeier, Member of the Federal State Parliament, and the local SPD chapter, Werther’s mayor, Marion Weike also joined to form an impression on site of what enables the family business to successfully hold its own in the international competition.

Dr. Christian Potthoff-Sewing, CFO and President of the Poppe + Potthoff Group with 1300 employees at 15 different locations, welcomed the delegation at the Technology Center. "We develop unique technologies here," Andreas Homann, Director of Sales and Marketing, explained. "All prototypes from the Technology Center in Werther can be transferred 1:1 into serial production."

Afterwards, Bengt-Henning Maas, CEO of the tubing factory that was established in 1928, showed how existing machines can be equipped with intelligent measuring and controlling technology. “Industry 4.0 allows us to expand our strengths in the drawing of steel tubes in tightest tolerances even further. We are getting more flexible, more efficient and more precise.”

"This is really state of the art high tech," Minister Schmeltzer said, summing up his visit to Poppe + Potthoff. You can read more in the local newspapers, the Westfalenblatt and the Haller Kreisblatt.

Profile tubes ensure smooth motion transmission in mechanical controls.

Smooth motion profile

Transmission profiles from Poppe + Potthoff Präzisionsstahlrohre GmbH are used for a variety of switching or movement tasks. They provide for the motion transmission in automatic controls by means of special wrenches, applied knobs or knurling wheels.

The profile shapes in use are very different, but always sophisticated. This is because the movement or switching operation is to be carried out precisely and as smoothly as possible, without jerking or pitching.

This is the only way to convey the sensation of high quality of the final product when used manually. Accordingly, shapes, tolerances, radii, straightness and twisting must be strictly adhered to – the specialty of Poppe + Potthoff Präzisionsstahlrohre GmbH.

The profile shapes for this application range from 3-, 4-, 6- or 8-edged profiles, over round and internally profiled tubes to externally profiled tubes with round inner diameters. Special profiles according to the customer's design requirements are also created. Depending on the applied torque and the pitch length, different materials from P+P's portfolio are utilized.

Poppe + Potthoff’s new website: Large images, adaptable presentation for mobile devices and extended, search engine optimized content.

New website launched

A key to success with websites is search engine optimization, short: SEO. Unfortunately, there are no clear rules. The sorting algorithms are kept secret by the search engine providers to avoid manipulation and they are often altered.

Websites have to be adjusted regularly if they are to be found quickly by the relevant target groups. Two important factors are: Well edited content, especially on the home page and an adaptable presentation also for mobile devices.

On Poppe + Potthoff’s new website the texts have been extended with more specific content and keywords so that they can be found more easily via search engines. The presentation provides a better overview, it is more user-friendly and it is optimized for PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Take a look: www.poppe-potthoff.com.