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Further applications

Precision components for further industries

Poppe + Potthoff offers customer service for serial production parts and, thanks to its customers, continues to develop itself in all industrial sectors in the area of small, medium and large series production.

We can produce parts with any diameter and guarantee compliance with size tolerances in the µm range.

We supply made-to-measure parts for various sectors, such as: production machines in public sectors, point setting systems, kitchen furnishings and water meters as well as the textile and telecommunications industry.

We produce special turned parts according to customer demands.

  • We guarantee strict compliance with tolerances after heat treatment.


Patric Truyen

Sales Manager
Tel.: + 33 450 07 75 76
Fax: + 33 450 97 12 74
Mobile: + 33 619 49 67 66
Email: patric.truyen@poppe-potthoff.com