(from right to left): Project supervisor Christian Rädeker from the Carl-Severing-Berufskolleg with Tobias Kipp and Matthias Redde from Poppe + Potthoff presenting the new design of a washing system for tubular components, e. g. Common Rail subsystems.
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Work and education - at Poppe + Potthoff this goes hand in hand

Werther (Germany), January 23, 2018

Work and education - at Poppe + Potthoff this goes hand in hand

More than one hundred guests crowded into the premises of the Carl-Servering Berufskolleg in Bielefeld on January 20. Here, the approximately 40 participants in the part-time classes of the technical college showed their practical project works.

Tobias Kipp and Matthias Pedde presented their new construction of a washing system for tubular components. It is likely to be used in Poppe + Potthoff's Technology Center, for example for rinsing common rail subsystems.

The young technicians have already completed their apprenticeship as metal cutting mechanics at the Werther-based group. Now they are about to complete their further training as state-certified technicians in mechanical engineering.

“The results of cooperative training are truly impressive and help us in further qualifying young employees, "explains Burkhard Harhoff, Head of Engineering at Poppe + Potthoff. "The dual system benefits both the employees and the companies."

While working in the company, Tobias Kipp and Matthias Pedde spent four years attending classes at the vocational college on three evenings a week. With the new degree, including entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences, their great commitment is now paying off.

Common Rail subsystems from Poppe + Potthoff withstand the highest pressures. The injection systems for modern diesel, gasoline and gas engines must be very clean to function perfectly.