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Swarfless end preparation

Werther (Germany), July 26, 2016

With a new machine, precision steel tubes are cut precisely and very efficiently at Poppe + Potthoff.

Swarfless end preparation

At Poppe + Potthoff Präzisionsstahlrohre GmbH the sawing, deburring and chamfering of custom made tubes is now fully automated. The new machine works very efficiently and precisely with minimal chips carryover.

By automating complex processes one can not only shorten cycle times. Numerous process data can now be recorded. Thus, the new system fits seamlessly into the concept of networked tube production at Poppe + Potthoff.

Automatically, the pipe is cut to length after drawing. Then, both ends are trimmed and machined in specific angles and chamfer depths on the outer and inner diameter exactly to customer requirements.

All cutting chips are thereby removed automatically to ensure maximum precision and surface quality. During the design of the large-scale machine, special attention was also paid to superior energy efficiency.

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