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Pressure-resistant lightweight rails

Werther (Germany), September 13, 2016

Profile shape around the line interface; the optimized design on the left, the classic design with round profile on the right.

Pressure-resistant lightweight rails

Loadable with up to 3,000 bar, yet more than 20 percent lighter: Poppe + Potthoff uses the high-strength steel PP1100 to produce an extremely slim and compact common rail design for passenger car engines.

To further reduce the exhaust and noise emissions as well as the fuel consumption of Diesel engines, the pressure in the injection system needs to be raised on the one hand and on the other, weight is to be trimmed down.

This is only possible with special materials that can withstand very high pressure loads. PP1100, a steel particularly developed for common rails, is processed and autofrettaged by Poppe + Potthoff with specifically designed equipment.

Design of the weight-optimized four-cylinder rail, also a visual highlight.

By rigorously reducing the material at locations where it is not functionally required, heavy-duty rails for four and six cylinders have now been manufactured which bring 20 to 25 percent less weight on the road.

Read more about Poppe + Potthoff’s design study in our newsletter (issue June 2016).