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Perfectly connected, safely separated - in 0.004 seconds

Werther (Germany), January 10, 2019

Perfectly connected, safely separated - in 0.004 seconds

Fast acting, robust and compact safety couplings from R+W protect machines from expensive damage caused by overload. Yet every millisecond counts.

When machines come to an unexpected halt, it can become very expensive: Even a one-hour interruption in production can cost several tens of thousands of euros. Maintenance-free safety couplings from R+W reliably prevent the most frequent cause of damage – overload caused by the machine drive.

The safety coupling connects the drive with the production machine, for example for machining or assembly. It transmits the force up to a certain torque. If this is exceeded, the in- and output are separated, and the motor rotates "freely". Damage and production stops are thus safely avoided.

Maintenance-free coupling-mechanism

In order to ensure secured operation over the entire service life of the system, the R+W Group, which belongs to Poppe + Potthoff, relies on high-precision mechanics based on the spring loaded ball-detent principle (see video on the R+W landing page). The solution is robust and features high rigidity and zero backlash.

In contrast to a slipping clutch, where the overload torque changes with the number of overload cases, the disengagement torque remains permanently stable with the spring loaded ball-detent clutch. Even after several actuations, it operates maintenance-free. However, the most important benefit of the R+W solution is its speed advantage.

Custom-fit safety

Clutches with electronic torque monitoring usually require 15 to 17 milliseconds from a blockage in the machine until the motor is switched off. In contrast, the R+W coupling separates the input and output sides within three to five milliseconds – one third of the time. This safety saves money and trouble.

In order to meet individual customer requirements, R+W offers numerous models, for example in lightweight design, with an elastomer rim or in ATEX configuration. Precision safety couplings are available for torques of 0.1-2,800 Nm. Industrial safety couplings are designed for 200-450,000 Nm torque.

Safety couplings from R+W protect machines from overload and thus ensure smooth production processes.