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Making the draw bench Industry 4.0-ready

Werther, 11 March 2016

Making the draw bench Industry 4.0-ready

CEO Bengt-Henning Maas explains in “MM MaschinenMarkt” magazine how Poppe + Potthoff is getting precision steel pipes ready for the future of pipe production

Poppe + Potthoff has been manufacturing precision steel pipes in Werther since 1928, consistently meeting customers’ special requirements when doing so. These requirements are, however, changing. The increasing use of digitalization means that finishing processes can now also be networked. “Customers not only want us to deliver pipes but also information. To be able to do this we need to know about the processes each single pipe has undergone,” explained Bengt-Henning Maas at the Tube Innovation Days (20.-21.01.2016) in Ditzingen.

Poppe + Potthoff’s drawing plant is being equipped with measuring and sensor technology to facilitate data gathering. In combination with process data the information obtained will be aggregated, visualized and analysed within the scope of what is, to all intents and purposes, an online process in order to realize potential for optimization along the entire process chain. In future the physical flow of goods will thus be accompanied by data, making value-adding processes within and between companies more transparent, efficient and flexible.

The industry expects increasing digitalization to facilitate reliable processes, even for small quantities and complex projects, as well as to provide time and cost savings. In addition to this, it will aid the bundling of processes and networking. Companies will thus be able to apply just-in-time principles to an ever greater extent without necessarily having to increase their own vertical range of manufacture. MM MaschinenMarkt concludes that Industry 4.0 and the related “Innovations will result in massive changes in the pipe industry”.

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Picture: “Pipe production 4.0”: At Poppe + Potthoff Präzisionsstahlrohre GmbH work is underway to equip the drawing system with measuring and sensor technology as well as to digitally network it.