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Lighter high-pressure accumulators

Werther (Germany), August 16, 2018

Lighter high-pressure accumulators

P+P expands product range with common rails with 30 mm outer diameter

Poppe + Potthoff supplies high-pressure resistant common rails for fuel injection in diesel, gasoline, gas and hydrogen engines. In order to meet the increasing requirements in lightweight construction, the product range is now being expanded.

In addition to high-pressure accumulators, which usually have an outer diameter of 28 mm for passenger car applications and 33 mm for commercial vehicles, the high-pressure specialist now offers common rails with an outer diameter of 30 mm.

"The 30 mm rail is almost 19 percent lighter than a rail with 33 mm outer diameter - with the same performance," explains Burkhard Harhoff, Head of Engineering at Poppe + Potthoff. "With a typical truck rail of 700 mm total length, this means a weight reduction in the injection system of around 0.8 kg."

The new product line will be introduced for different material grades, initially for common rails made of the steel alloy PP600, which are validated for system pressures up to 2,700 bar. Higher pressures are achieved with the material PP1100. Typical inner diameters are 8, 9 or 10 mm.