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Heavy Duty

Marcus Pini in a conversation with a customer at the International MTZ Symposium Großmo-toren in Friedrichshafen.

Werther (Germany), November 27, 2019

P+P Common Rail: For heavy-duty applications, the high-strength pressure accumulators for the injection system can be designed for system pressures of around 3000 bar.

Heavy Duty

With its components and test benches for common rail injection, Poppe + Potthoff helps to make large engines more efficient and cleaner

Whether on or off highway, whether marine or stationary application: P+P is often involved when it comes to bringing a lot of horsepower cleanly under the hood. With the highest precision, the company manufactures injection lines and components, common rail subsystems and test systems for engine manufacturers worldwide.

Prototype and development autofrettage: With up to 16,000 bar, this variable system from P+P increases the fatigue strength of components for use at high and pulsating pressures.

With heavy-duty engines, the focus is currently on one topic: emission reduction. How this goal can be achieved was discussed at the International MTZ Symposium on Heavy Duty Engines in Friedrichshafen, where P+P was represented as an exhibitor and sponsor. P+P will also participate as an expert at the Vienna Motor Symposium.

"We are constantly further developing injection technology," says Marcus Pini, Senior Key Account Manager Common Rail Components at Poppe + Potthoff. "Rising system pressures and alternative fuels such as LPG, gas or hydrogen can help to further improve the efficiency and cleanliness of heavy-duty engines."

The Common Rail components, which P+P develops, validates and produces in close cooperation with its customers, are designed for system pressures of up to 3000 bar. Specially developed autofrettage systems as well as high-pressure and functional test benches ensure the quality of the heavy-duty components – also for the customers.