Welcome of the new trainees at Poppe + Potthoff in Werther.
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Committed to young talent

Werther (Germany), August 7, 2017

Committed to young talent

Poppe + Potthoff boosts its commitment to young talent. On 1.8.2017, three new employees started their three and a half year training to become industrial mechanics in the pipe mill. In September, a fourth trainee will be added in the “materials tester” training vocation specialising in metals technology. In addition, the head office of the international corporate group will provide insight into the development and production of intelligent technical systems as part of the “It’s OWL Student Camp”.

The standards at Poppe + Potthoff are high. CFO Konrad Fischer and Dr Bengt Maas make no secret of this. “The quality of our products must be right. Our trainees manufacture not for a showcase, but rather for the real market.” It may sound like a practical test, but above all, it is an incentive to do it well. Ultimately, P+P gives the new employees the prospect of permanent employment.

“We put a great deal of time, money and energy into our trainees. And so, we would naturally like to keep them at the end,” explains the President/CFO of the Poppe + Potthoff Grouphead of the company, Dr Christian Potthoff-Sewing at the welcome to the three up and coming industrial mechanics. Tim Cieplik, Justin Berenbrink and Dominik Kirtschig start their training in August, but have already had an advance peek as temporary workers at P+P Präzisionsstahlrohre.

Trainer Stefan Wippermann is looking forward to working together with them. The motivation of the new employees is high, as is the level of training. All three have completed their Abitur (general qualification for university entrance) and have gained their first experience in the working world. “In the career of an industrial mechanic, you work with both your head and your hands, and that is exactly the right thing for me,” says Justin Berenbrink.

Getting young people excited about technical careers is also the objective of the “It’s OWL Student Camp”, in which P+P is taking part. In the autumn holidays (23-27 October), students from Gütersloh county will get to know the working world of engineers with plant tours and workshops with experiments and practical exercises. The camp is free, and the number of participants limited.

Additional information and registration: www.pro-mint-gt.de as well as reports on the new trainees at Poppe + Potthoff in the Haller Kreisblatt and Westfalen-Blatt.

Figure: Tim Cieplik, Justin Berenbrink and Dominik Kirtschig (centre, from left) start their training at Poppe + Potthoff in Werther. They are welcomed by CFO Konrad Fischer, CFO/President Dr Christian Potthoff-Sewing, trainer Stefan Wippermann and Director Tubular Components Dr Bengt Maas.