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2015 Inside Precision

Precise views

Have a  short look at the  Poppe + Potthoff Customer Calendars. You will find some selected motifs of the last year´s editions. Precision is our focus. Quality as well.  If you would like to see more motifs of our limited calendar editions , please contact us: info@poppe-potthoff.com.

2015 - Inside Precision

We may call ourselves the precision makers, but we all know that precision is not an end in itself. Instead it is required so the products will perform the functions our customers need and expect. Some of the most critical functions of our products happen inside.

The inside therefore is the place we have to look to understand the meaning of precision. We chose unusual perspectives illustrated in the small icons at the bottom of the page. Sometimes you need to take a look from a different angle to get the right idea. | ©Poppe + Potthoff GmbH 2015