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Issue June 2017

25 years on the way to the future

When Dr. Christian Potthoff-Sewing joined Poppe + Potthoff a good 25 years ago, the family company was primarily a manufacturer of semi-finished products. As such, the company had little leeway for innovations and therefore limited possibilities for strategic development.

Instead of submitting to the development of the capricious tube and steel markets, the current president and CFO started to shape a self-determined company which can introduce itself actively with innovations in growing markets and thus plan and design its own future.

The success of the strategy is also reflected in the Newsletter: R+W introduces a new coupling, we have validated a rail for high-pressure injection in petrol engines up to 1000 bar, and MTU has honoured us as supplier not only for quality and delivery reliability but also for our innovative ideas.

In these innovations and in those still to come, lies the special feature of Poppe + Potthoff today. Delivery reliability, quality and cost control are necessary conditions for success. Innovations are the option of choice and we use this to work out our right to design our future development ourselves.

The dream of a self-determined company with future has become reality. This is possible only because we have a multitude of committed employees who contribute with ideas and careful work, so that we will be successful tomorrow as well. We and the family Potthoff-Sewing are very grateful for this.

We wish you fun and pleasure while reading the Newsletter,

Dipl. Ing. Rüdiger Faustmann (CEO) and Dr. Christian Potthoff-Sewing (President/CFO)
R+W has expanded its LP series by a further version, which can be obtained with integrated cooling lubricant feedthrough.

Couplings for the Industry

R+W Antriebselemente GmbH has expanded the tried and tested disc-pack series LP by a further version. In addition to the diverse standard constructions, the torsion-resistant model series can now also be obtained with integrated cooling lubricant feedthrough. This offers, in particular the manufacturers of machine tools with long spindle assembly, valuable advantages.

“Due to the usually high and dynamic processing speeds, the couplings are executed with weight-optimized CFRP or aluminium outer tubes,” explains Steffen Herter, at Poppe + Potthoff head of the Division “Drive Technology” to which R+W belongs. “Through the integrated feedthrough with adaptation interfaces, customers can feed the cooling lubricant across long distances directly into the tool.”

Symmetrical tapered clamping hubs as well as special balancing guarantee particularly high smooth running and good balance quality. Possible shaft misalignments are balanced by the torsion-resistant disc-packs. R+W presents the LP series as well as further precision and industrial couplings on the new Website and at trade fairs such as the EMO (Hannover, 18 - 23 September 2017).

Solutions for Petrol Direct Injection for Pressures up to 1000 bar

P+P has extensive expertise in the sector of media-carrying components for high pressures.

Future requirements with regard to the pressure resistance of petrol injection components will go far beyond the system pressures of 250 bar currently located on the market.

However, existing market solutions for petrol rails show need for action if the future requirements are to be fulfilled.

Starting position

There are various possibilities available to reduce the petrol consumption and thereby the CO2 emissions. These are, for example, lightweight construction, downsizing, automatic start-stop system, use of multistage turbochargers or the hybridization of the powertrain.

All these measures serve the fulfilment of legislative requirements to reduce the CO2 emissions.

Legislative requirements for CO2 emissions up to 2030

In addition to the stated measures, the optimal design of the combustion process is also in the focus of the development departments.

Particularly the increase of the petrol injection pressures plays a large role. In combination with an optimized injection nozzle geometry these take care of an optimum mixing of the petrol-air mixture and therefore an optimized combustion.

Penetration of the petrol into the combustion chamber at 100, 200, 350 and 600 bar
P+P Rail for petrol applications up to 1000 bar

P+P Design for petrol pressures up to 1000 bar

Proceeding from the experiences of P+P in very high pressure areas, a petrol rail was developed which is manufactured without the known soldering technology. Furthermore, metallic seals, tried and proven in the diesel technology, are used exclusively.

This novel rail has an extremely compact construction. It is produced from a stainless steel which has a high strength due to an adapted heat treatment. The radial connectors and the mountings are welded onto the tube body via a special welding procedure developed in-house. The heat input during welding  is very low.

Connection to the injectors and the high-pressure pump is implemented via stainless steel pipes, which are fastened to the rail, injectors and pump by means of screw connections.

The shown measures proved to be very advantageous. A high pressure resistance was proven during the validation. This means that a fatigue strength for the high-pressure pulse strength of up to 1000 bar could be achieved.

Burkhard Harhoff, Head of Engineering at Poppe + Potthoff accepted the MTU Supplier Award in April.
P+P convinced with outstanding quality and new ideas such as a modular common rail, which is used in engines with 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 cylinders.

MTU Supplier Award for Poppe + Potthoff

MTU, core company of Rolls-Royce Power Systems, honoured Poppe + Potthoff with a Supplier Award as best achiever of 2016. “We are very happy about the award” says CEO Rüdiger Faustmann. “The award shows that our efforts are being honoured – and it motivates us to further top performances.”

“They support us with their innovative ideas,” said Alexander Dangel, Purchasing Manager at Rolls-Royce Power Systems during the award ceremony in Friedrichshafen. P+P supplies, among other products, common rails and high-pressure lines for the diesel engine series 1600 and 2000 – powerful, robust and efficient large engines for ships, trains and heavy land vehicles as well as power sets.

“We have shown that we think ahead as development partner. Both creative and at the same time robust solutions were shown,” comments Burkhard Harhoff, Head of Engineering at Poppe + Potthoff.
“Innovations and reliability create a solid foundation for the trusting cooperation which we want to expand.”

With the Supplier Award, MTU honours above average performances and cooperative partnership. The winners are selected annually from about 1000 suppliers. The criteria are quality, costs, delivery reliability, commitment towards environmental protection and behaviour with integrity. All suppliers receive regular feedback to motivate towards constant improvements.

Further information is available at:

Poppe + Potthoff delivers all components for the common rail fuel injection: high-pressure accumulator and injection lines up to 3,000 bar as well as pressure relief valves, pressure pipe tubes and connection elements.

Poppe + Potthoff strengthens Eastern European Business

At the fair Tube Russia (Moscow, 5-8 June 2017) Poppe + Potthoff will present its competences in challenging fields of metal processing: precision steel tubes as well as lines for high-pressure applications and fuel injection systems with up to 3,000 bar are the central theme.

“We cover the full value-added chain – from the choice of materials and the technical design, to prototype testing and series production, all the way to quality assurance and just-in-time delivery,” explains Dennis Krause, Sales Manager High Pressure Tubes at Poppe + Potthoff.

As a result, P+P can react very flexibly to specific customer needs and ensure highest quality for products and processes. This is appreciated as much in Eastern Europe as it is in the worldwide leading automobile and mechanical engineering companies, which P+P already includes as its customers.