Markus Kerkhoff in an interview with H2News

15. Mai 2024
The CEO of Poppe + Potthoff answers questions for the German-language hydrogen portal

What role can hydrogen play in the energy supply of the future? What are the challenges that need to be overcome on the road to emission-free mobility and industry? These are some of the questions that the CEO of the Poppe + Potthoff Group, Markus Kerkhoff, discussed in an interview with the hydrogen portal H2News. In the interview, Kerkhoff also explained how the modular TOPAQ hydrogen distribution systems from Poppe + Potthoff can contribute to decarbonisation in various industries.

One of the major challenges for the development of a hydrogen economy is the creation of an efficient infrastructure. One possible solution for this could be multi-element gas containers (MEGC). These containers allow large quantities of compressed hydrogen to be stored and transported at high pressure. Among other things, this makes it possible to set up mobile hydrogen refuelling stations. However, the special requirements that hydrogen as a highly volatile gas places on components and systems also pose new challenges for manufacturers. To support them, Poppe + Potthoff develops its modular product and system solutions during the development phase in such a way that they meet the specific requirements of the subsequent application.

Poppe + Potthoff’s safety-relevant hydrogen products include On Tank Valves (OTV), H2 pipes, Parallel Charging Units (PCU), High Pressure Regulation Units (HPRU) and Thermal Pressure Relief Devices (TPRD). In addition to this product level, P+P also offers a solution at system level. In these modular TOPAQ hydrogen distribution systems, all individual components are precisely harmonised and tailored to the respective application-specific requirements. TOPAQ enables a safe, reliable and efficient supply of hydrogen from the tank to the fuel cell or hydrogen engine. The modular design of TOPAQ enables application-optimised system architectures for use in mobile and industrial applications. In this way, TOPAQ represents an interface between different system landscapes for dual fuel, H2-ICE (DFI, PFI) and fuel cell applications. This means that TOPAQ can be used in heavy-duty applications or in hydrogen storage (MEGC), for example. The advantages of this system solution combine a modular approach with the specific properties of the individual components. This interaction enables TOPAQ to offer advantages that go beyond the pure product level.

Read the full (German) interview here.

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